L MD ART Gallery Paris



  EMOH – revoir HOME
Opening Saturday 5th of May from 2 to 8 pm

L MD is pleased to announce EMOH – revoir HOME,the first gallery solo of Bahareh Navani in Paris.

Since her arrival in Paris from Iran 2005, Bahareh Navabi turned to figuration after several years of abstraction. From 2008 she has built up a portrait gallery of characters in black and white. Her approach is gradual, made through experiments.  Bahareh uses Indian ink, creating compositions where thin lines contrast with bold black shapes. Her drawings are both portraits and figures, almost objects. Often drawn on tracing paper, they can be superimposed to create a multiple compositions. The possibilities are endless, as if each drawing was a word to create a new sentence. The artists works with the idea of palimpsest by summoning the memory, erasing and re-writing.

EMOH – revoir HOME will be based on her last diploma show at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Works fro, previous series like La Solitudes du Rêveur and Parasites will dialog with most recent drawing .

Bahareh Navabi was born in Tehran in 1985. She lives and work between Paris and Tehran.
Her work has been previously shown at the Salon du Dessin Contemporain with L MD in 2010 and 2011.


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